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[ANDROID] GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic v17.6.x (Unlocked)


1. Uninstall the previous version!
2. Delete Sygic folder from the sdcard root, if exist.
3. Delete "com.sygic.aura" folder from SDCard / Android / in internal or external archive, if exist.

In Android > 4.4+ copy "com.sygic.aura" folder to Android / data / in removable SDCard or internal storage.

In Android < to 4.4+ create a "Sygic" folder in the root of external or internal SDCard. In SDCard / Sygic / copy "Android", "Maps", "Res" folders.

Download maps from Sygic Store or use the MapDownloader (TT v 9.01 recommended). If You use mapdownloader copy wcl (basemap) and maps in Files/Maps folder. Don't forget wcl!

1.Install the patched apk, better reboot the device.

2. Start the app from the icon, at the request of installation on removable external SDCard or internal storage,allow storage authorization, skip e-mail.


If You have already a 17.6.x working version, to update simply overwrite Android and Res folders to existing ones and over-install new apk.

Download Sygic 17.6.4